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Discussion on: Au Revoir, Gentoo - Sell Me A New Linux Distro

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Ubuntu has more apps since it contains both free and proprietary applications. Also since 18.04 LTS, it has snap pre-installed, for some software it is really easy to install, for example, to install a server, it is just one line snap install rocketchat-server, although you can install snapd manually in debian too.

I mean for advanced user like you, there may not be many differences, but on the "saving time" purpose, I think Ubuntu LTS is better since it targets Linux beginner users with a lots of apps pre-installed or pre-configured. I was using Debian and FreeBSD before, while customizing the system is fun, my current main focus is getting things quickly done without spending too much time on trouble shooting software installation problems

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Ben Lovy Author


it contains both free and proprietary applications

I don't believe I currently use anything non-free, but this is an important note, thanks. I've never really tried snap, it does seem pretty painless.

Good food for thought, I do feel I've kinda gotten my UNIX ricing days out of my system already, so this may actually be exactly what I need.

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Another upside of the LTS-versions that alot of people, quite ironically, neglect is the extended support that you'll get. Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, which was released almost two years ago, will receive security updates until 2023.

Obviously if you wait that long to upgrade you'll suffer from dated packages with a potential lack of features, but no matter what, you'll still receive security patches.