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What should be the strategy to implement a chat (bot) based admin panel for web apps.

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So I got this amazing idea of getting rid of the overwhelming admin panel and build a chat based admin panel that is easier to use and less verbose. Maybe something like a custom desktop and mobile application or simply utilizing messenger/slack/discord (which already have a good user-friendly desktop and mobile app) using bots.

What would you suggest?

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I just did a short hackathon last night where my team build a small chat application using . It was pretty easy to get started with, and from the little I saw, seems like a really cool tool for natural language processing, and can also connect to Google Assistant


Will be a fun and different project for sure. Maybe you could look into Twilio and use their texting functions. At my internship, I had to develop a chat system that detected if the admin had the browser open and if not it sent a text message and the admin could reply and keep conversations from his phone. If he wanted to switch over the the browser version all he had to do was open the browser and it would still pull over all of the messages and could easily transition from texting -> desktop and vice versa. Twilio is amazing and for an admin system I feel like it would be easier for the admin to just send a text message like "!TotalUsers, !Revenue, etc." and the admin would receive a text message with whatever you wanted to return.


That's a really cool idea! The idea of a monolithic, complex admin panel does seem outdated yet still hugely prevalent in so many websites. Using chat bots to accomplish simple CRUD changes for example would be a great step in the right direction and would be an even lower barrier to entry for non-technical users to add/edit content.

I've created a pretty simple Slackbot in the past with PHP and it was very quick and easy to get setup so a Slackbot would be my tool of choice.

I've seen these online and they look like they may be useful:

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