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Forget about Coursera, edX... etc, they just bring (sh**y university system) into the (lovely online self-learning world).

I have tried EVERY SINGLE e-learning out there (I seriously tried a list of about 50 websites one by one)... I would say Pluralsight is the best.

And on some specific topics, you gotta find the best instructor for each topic, examples:

  1. C# & ASP (basics, intermediate, advanced), Scott Allen Pluralsight:

  2. Design Patterns in C#, Dimitri udemy:

  3. Python & Django, Kenneth Love:

That being said, what's the topic you're looking for?


Yeah, I think if you can find it what you need on Pluralsight, it has a greater chance of being good quality.


I am mostly looking at Javascript and Data science.


I don't know what you wanna do with JS, is it frontend dev? cuz I have never heard that JS and Data Science go together, I heard about R & Python going with DS (I don't know a lot about DS).

This ES6 course is really good:

JS is been used for DS lately. I would recommend getting up-to-speed with it. However, it is always nice to have Python as your backup language for DS/ML.

Ah... js is eating the world man, with no typing :D

The only downside is that you have to know your way around CPU intensive tasks. The biggest issue with JS is that the Math engine is not as powerful/accurate on floating-point operations.

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