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Hi Mark

To search your own posts:

1 - Use the search bar to enter your search term
2 - When the results are returned select 'Only My Posts' from the menu on the left hand side


Thank you very much! Must have missed that on mobile. Cheers!

Edit: I actually don’t see that on mobile.


I've tried it on ios and Android and can't see the functionality there.

I've raised a Feature Request to see if there's interest in building this:

Ability to filter search results on mobile #3688

Describe the solution you'd like

Can we please have the ability to filter search results on mobile the same way we do on desktop. This could potentially be hidden away when not in use the same way the 'reading list' when on the Home page.

Describe alternatives you've considered

Tested on ios and android but doesn't appear to be available on either

Additional context


How do I search only my own posts?


Hi Mark,

You can swipe from left to right or right to left to see the side bars on mobile.


Swiping right takes me back and swiping left doesn't do anything for me. Assuming you're looking at your search results.


Oh, no. I was actually talking about the side bars. On an android phone, swiping shows the sidebars.

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