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Discussion on: I feel like the quality of posts in Dev is deteriorating

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Firstly, noting your job, thanks for taking the time to actively engage.

Perhaps we could encourage people to post, but also encourage them to check whether it's novel enough.

I theorise that it'd be fairly simple for a "plagiarism check" to be added as the user clicks "Post" - scan articles already on Dev, how similar is this to something someone else has posted - then ask the "are you sure you want to post this?"

But maybe that might dissuade some newer users from posting, when they should be allowed to express their opinion on any given topic.

DEV uses a scoring system for search results but the danger is that it becomes a cult of personality where a few people get views for some reason and the rest of their posts get more attention regardless of the quality.

Maybe a way forwards on that would be to give users more control over the the content they see. I'm sure the scoring system has multiple parameters, so maybe it would be beneficial to leverage that, for example, allowing me to define my "acceptable level" for each metric (or some subset thereof) that builds the overall score, things below that level I don't see, regardless of the overall score (which presumably, dictates vertical ranking).

Lastly, noting my job, I don't currently believe the PV of this issue is high enough to warrant actively working on it, but suggest it be monitored for changes in P nonetheless (and it's apparent that it is being monitored). ;)