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Installation , Updation And Uninstallation Of Software in Linux.

Aryan Reddy
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Update- The machine you'll be using comes preinstalled with an old version of the VLC Media Player. You'll update VLC to the newest version.
Install- You'll install the Mozilla Firefox web browser. There's currently no version of Firefox on the machine you'll be using, so it will be a fresh installation.
Uninstall - You'll uninstall the GIMP photo-editing tool from the machine, removing it entirely.
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Installing Mozilla Firefox

Let's install the Mozilla Firefox web browser. Parts of this process will be unique to this specific installation, but most of the steps you'll take will be identical, regardless of the software.
use his command below.

{dpkg -s firefox-esr}

Updating VLC Media Player

VLC media player is already installed on your computer, but the version that's installed is out-of-date. You'll fix that now by updating it to the newest version. To do that, force an update of the package manager, using this command:

{sudo apt-get install -f}

Uninstalling GIMP

When it's no longer necessary to have a specific program installed on your computer, it's usually a good idea to uninstall it to clear up space. Now, you'll uninstall the GIMP photo-editing software, removing it from the computer completely.

GIMP, like Firefox, can be installed and uninstalled using the "apt-get" commands that you used to install Firefox. To uninstall GIMP, a very similar command is used:

{sudo apt-get remove gimp}



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