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Mehul Lakhanpal
Mehul Lakhanpal

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Live preview of react-app on mobile

Apps can be tested on browsers using the responsive view. The preview of the app can be observed from any width to any height. But to test it out on a real mobile, the app has to be deployed somewhere.

Note: This method would also work for apps created using other ways. I have used react hence the title.

The application running on your development machine can be tested out instantly on a mobile device.

  1. Both the computer and mobile device must be connected to the same wifi network.

  2. Get the local IP address of the computer. My local IP address, in this case, is
    Local IP address on Ubuntu
    I am using ifconfig to get the IP address on ubuntu.

    Search for Find local ip address for your specific os.

  3. Get the port on which the react-app is running. ex., My app is running on localhost:3000

  4. Go to the browser in the mobile device and enter : For me, it would be


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Abhijit Hota • Edited on

Whoa! I just checked it and it works like a charm. HMR is also working!

Thanks dude! Why didn't I know about this earlier?!

Note: If you're on Windows, you should do ipconfig in command prompt and note the IPv4 Address under the Wireless LAN adapter Wi-Fi section.

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Mehul Lakhanpal Author

Awesome 🔥🎉