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Discussion on: Portfolio Advice Thread

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Devin W. Leaman

First off, thank you for taking the time to go over my site. I got to the post a bit late and my comment didn't gain any traction so I had forgotten about it. I really appreciate this.

I've taken everything you said into consideration and have already pushed some changes to the master branch. Here's my "responses" as I went through your points.

Heads up, the GitHub Icon says "Twitter".

😳 That's an embarrassing copy/paste error.

Also, the difference between emails A and B aren't super clear!

Yeah, I think I'm gonna remove Email B altogether as I've decided I'd like to keep my usual email private and direct everyone to

I would make that link text a little darker too to make the font more legible (though most of the icons are so prevalent you may not need labels). I may make the icons a little smaller too.

Good point... With the icons I don't really need the labels. I'll strip the labels entirely, it'll look much nicer.

I would make your footer smaller, and I'm not sure you need the Twitter and GitHub links again.

Ahh, another hold over from the material design template I used. They can be removed as well, thanks for pointing that out.

I think the Resume section is really clear and gives a lot of information. I may also make your images a little bigger so they're easier to see.

I'm so glad to hear that! The Resume page is the one I was most concerned about as it'll have the most value to me, especially since I'm moving the blog portion to another site.

I'll tinker with various sizes and see what I can get that looks more visible. I've got some older family members that would be great judges on this, I think 😅