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Degree in Software Engineering


Senior React Dev / Mobile Team Lead @ Idox

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How the browser renders a web page

Brilliant explanation. Thanks.

Build an Awesome Developer Portfolio Website Using Gatsby and gitconnected API


What CSS font-size units do you prefer to use?

I back you Andrew, I use rem for everything. Fonts, margins, ...

I just started a YouTube on coding tutorials

Thank you so much! Appreciate the support! πŸ‘

React Component Libraries

Love this. Evergreen is another good one.

CSS or Javascript

I developed an online course teaching the basics of web devel...

Saying Goodbye to PhoneGap

Brilliant write up Max. Ionic has changed our company in term...

Cheat Sheet for Updating Objects and Arrays in React State

This is a brilliant little recap for objects and arrays. Nice...

A Collection of Useful React Hooks for Geocoding Purposes and More

Really nice little Tut dude! Love it.

5 Best Free Note Taking Apps for Programmers

I use Bear!

IOS Form Toolbar / Assistant - HELP?!

Sweet thanks for that. I'm still looking, gonna have to re-...

Side Hustle Projects - Here's mine, what's yours?

That's pretty awesome - I've just had a play around on it! ...

Quick JavaScript Tip: the some() method

This could be very useful ! Never ever heard of this functi...

Building a Kickass Portfolio

Here's mine ;

What are your five most used terminal commands?

1 1442 14.4214% git 2 1442 14.4214% cd 3 1129 ...

What's the best source of caffeine for you? πŸ€”

Monster energy or one of those really cheap red bull altern...

3 HTML5 Input Attributes To Help Mobile Users

This could be a big help in future projects for me. Thank y...

Understanding states in ReactJS

Thank you so much - Really loving this community. It's awes...