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AI technologies that will rule 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the latest buzz in the global IT market. The AI products have managed to establish a place in our homes and offices without any hassles. If anything, the demand and ability of Artificial intelligence are increasing with time in the market.

These are just the basic yet main points of AI that is surrounded by a conundrum. Yet, it is full of so many gadgets and technologies, that we canโ€™t even keep a count. Above all, automation and optimization have successfully made their place in the top row when we are talking about to AI. The next generation development technologies are taking a new toll this year, that will benefit your business growth. It can be used in the fundamental ways that can help in rethinking our problem and help in giving an insight.

Machine Learning (ML) Platforms

You will no longer see people doing tasks manually that a machine can do. Soon you will be welcoming the technology that will allow machines/computers to self-learn and even know how to work with it seamlessly. The new advancement has a lot of new hopes, as developers are building a new algorithm that will make the computer capable enough to understand the process.
Speech Recognition

Users have already appreciated and loved the speech recognition technology through Google, Alexa & Siri. Last year we saw a glimpse of the advantages of this technology, in 2019 we will get see its automated form. Top mobile app development companies have already started following this process to give tough competition to others.


Biometrics is a technology that is used widely across many industries. It accurately measures the in & out of the employee in companies and plants and helps to keep the doors locked. Only those who have access will be able to open it. Up till now, it required physical form & body structure. The advanced version of Biometrics in 2019 will allow a different form of interaction of human and machine with respect to speech, image, & body touch.

Cyber Defense

Currently, the major problem faced by most companies is cybersecurity. Your data is spread all over the internet be it Cloud or Azure. Today, the prime concern is the keep this data secure. Therefore, you are going to see an advanced version of cybersecurity this year. Primarily it will be focusing on detecting & preventing any kind of data hacking or cyber attack.

Automating Marketing

Marketing area has witnessed many benefits with AI over the years. There are plenty of reasons to put AI on top when it comes to its impact on global media. Social media is one of the many examples of experiencing the AI world. Chatbots is one of the branches of AI on which many businesses are already depending for better interaction & engagement. This year we will see a huge impact of AI on the revolution of the marketing business.

Emotion Recognition

We already know that there are automated message reading apps in the market. But, now you will see that this technology is moving forward by being able to read emotions. Here systems use the audio content or the images to understand & recognize the emotions of the user. Along with this even body language and vocal information signals that have become important factors for developing the process.

Decision Management

Numerous machines are equipping themselves with advanced & smart systems that allow them to include the logic & rules. These machines are equipped enough to train & setup, tune & even for the maintenance purpose by including AI. These type of apps are being used to understand the varied applications that can help any decision making. That day is not far when we will see these apps taking their own decision to boost the sales and growth of the company.

Virtual Agents

We have already spoken above that Chatbots have become the most important technology these days and is a living reality. Similarly, virtual agents have been introduced to engage the users or clients with their with their computing knowledge. These agents donโ€™t use their brains, there are pre-installed commands that they read and follow to reply to the users and engage them in a conversation. With AI in place, a company can be a top customer service company. Not only this, but these systems can also be used as home managers too.

Final Words

2019 is going to a very dominating phase where we will experience new things and advancements in technology. By 2020, we will be observing self-driven cars, but before that letโ€™s welcome the advancements and additions in AI that will make your world a whole lot better. You will be able to make better and smarter decisions this year giving your business a boost-up.

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