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Why Python and Django are a Top Choice for Web Development

Netflix, Spotify, Instagram, YouTube – there’s one thing that is common between all of these digital giants, and that is the Python programming language. Python is considered to be the most realistic, simple, user-friendly and perhaps the easiest language to learn for web and app development. Apart from that, due to the increase in the demand for apps, it also ensures scalability.

Take for example Instagram with its 400 million active user base per day. Developed in Python language, Instagram has taken creativity and digitalization to a new level.Python includes Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Internet of Things. It’s a wholesome language package unlike Java, Ruby and PHP. And for the same reason the world’s largest music streaming platform, Spotify, chose Python, especially for back-end and data analytics.

Why Python is the current top choice for web development:

Comprehensible to Humans

Python is a programming language performing at a fairly higher level. However, it uses words that are easily comprehensible by humans. It works through an interpreter that helps in translating these codes.

The converted code language is then translated by computers. Interpreted language helps developers in an efficient debugging process. Moreover, complex tasks are quickly performed and code can be quickly edited.

Communication Between Objects

Python is an object-oriented programming language. It means that the language evolves into different independent objects to communicate easily. Eventually, it helps in writing stronger structured code software.

Such software simplifies building, maintaining and debugging. Python contains various standard libraries enabling the developers to cover almost anything. Operating systems, image processing, etc. can be developed with these solutions.

Verification of Errors at Runtime

Python’s dynamic nature eliminates the need to declare variable types. As the program launches, Python performs verification of types and errors. It enables quicker, flexible, and resilient code development. Plus, Python can be easily integrated with other programming codes. Simply put, you can combine Python with, for example, C++ and develop an integrated interface. Moreover, it allows developers to create prototypes. This results in boosting the speed to get into the market.

Open-Sourced and Readable

Two main reasons why Python is highly efficient are – it is open-source and its syntax is easily readable. Python doesn’t use brackets or any other special characters while beginning or ending a code. It uses spaces that increase its readability.

Hence, decoding isn’t that difficult for developers. On the other hand, it’s open-source software. It means Python provides the freedom of use, modification, and distribution. Collaboration with millions of experienced developers eventually reduces bugs and increases security.

Combines Machine Learning, Data Science and IoT

The Internet of Things has introduced Python web development with platforms like Raspberry Pi. The TensorFlow Library helps in developing utterly sophisticated machine learning and artificial intelligence structures. Data analytics methods like Pandas in standard libraries makes it easier to process big data. For example, Spotify uses Luigi along with other ML packages to reinforce Radio and Discover features.

Why Django is the Best Companion for Python:

Python is a programming language to code various ML, AI, and other apps. Whereas, Django is a framework by Python used to develop web applications and servers. Django consists of pre-written and ready-to-use components like user authentication, CMS, and file uploads. The components enable the developers to build realistic and simple websites in lesser time. Python and Django are probably considered the best combination. Django was considered as the most popular framework as of the year 2018.

Here are some reasons why it is great for web development:

Built-in Templates

Django works on Batteries Included approach. It simply means that it has everything already installed in it in the form of templates. The in-built templates include HTML, URL Routing, relational mapping of objects, and managing sessions. All the templates enable developers in avoiding searching 3rd party processes. Developers can create anything from Chatbots to sophisticated GPS-integrated components.

Reduces Development Time

Though developers don’t need 3rd party applications, Django can be integrated with many of them. Many projects need blocks containing email and authorization. Django has all of these applications that act as extended plug-ins. Moreover, an admin panel is automatically generated by Python code. So, there is no need to manually create it. Plus, its interface can be customized and modified by adding dashboards and wrappers as per the requirements.

Boosts SEO

Python and Django combination enables developers in generating better URL readability. SEO ranking gets a boost by writing links using the most relevant keywords. Django SEO framework has cached templates compressed by Java and CSS. It helps in reducing page load time. Plus, it also has a specific tool for managing robots.txt.

Extensive Customizable Libraries

Since Django can be extended as a plugin, developers can add unique features to an app. It offers a wider scope of customization with a wholesome range of packages available. The packages include adding Google Maps, transaction processes, adding permissions, etc. Also, these plug-ins are replaceable according to the need for scale. A programming code has distinct libraries that include pre-written codes, scripts, configurations, processes, etc. The libraries help in solving many daily tasks, provide functionality, and automation. It eliminates the need to write code manually and boosts the launch.

Django has an extensive range of customizable libraries that include REST Framework, Django CMS, and Django-AllAuth to name a few. REST helps in building interfaces, CMS manages website content, and AllAuth is for authenticating, registering, and managing accounts.Enhanced SecurityDjango is designed to protect the security mistakes most commonly committed with Python. Cross-site scripting, SQL injection are some of the other things that are secured under Django.

Concluding Thoughts

Python is perhaps a great programming code because its easy to learn for beginners. Plus, unlike its closest best PHP – Python is not only for web development. Hence, it is more versatile, modern, and yet elegant and simple. Django is a great web and mobile app development solution for building efficient and scalable front-end web apps. Additionally, it can also be an effective tool for building back-end only apps. At 9series, Python and Django work best together because Django enables developers in building complex sites with Python’s easy to maintain Syntax.

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