Who Called Git? An Unusual Debugging Story

Writing a Book as a Programmer

Engin Arslan


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Adventures in Angular

Onboarding New Developers

Jason C. McDonald

Oh Bootstrap, I'll Never Leave You Again

Patrick Krebs

The Fine Art of the Webpack 2 Config

Alexander Flenniken

Saving Commit Templates using Git Extensions

Pandiyan Murugan

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podcast2017 May - New R packages to handle binary files

R Weekly

Nevertheless, Jess Coded

Jess Shortt

The "Not My Problem" Problem with Bugs

Vicky Harp

Shell Scripts Matter


What is a flexible work schedule?

Hunter Stevens


podcast081: Interview with Rebecca Frank


Getting Started with Service Workers

Tarun Garg

How to run Particle on Raspberry Pi

Nathan Robinson

Web Components For Your Custom Elements

K. 👓

Widgets and Components for Angular 2 and up

Michael De Abreu


podcastWhat's up with Docs with Den Delimarsky

MS Dev Show

Latest DevOps Blogs, Boards and Books to check out today


Ideas about preserving history of "fixes" to problems you've encountered?

Dina Gathe

Celebrate the Small Fixes

Ben Halpern

How Bad Software Gets Made

Pablo Rivera


podcast#109 MongoDB Applied Design Patterns

Talk Python

Don't Amend, Fix

Tamir Bahar


On Gambling and Technical Debt

Bernardo Fanti

10 Tech Movies to Get You Coding Again

Zach Alexander

Installing .NET Core 1.1.1 SDK on Travis CI

Christoph Wurst


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Software Engineering Daily

Integrating Bootstrap into Rails 5

Rob Race

How NOT to design Netflix in your 45-minute System Design Interview?

Fahim ul Haq

Context Switching kills your flow, what would keep you in the flow?

Ian Kelly

Nevertheless, She Coded.

dev.to staff

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podcastEpisode 65: Jo Overline’s Ugly Start

Away From The Keyboard

New Contributors To Open Source, Please Blog More

Shubheksha Jalan

Developer Differences: Makers vs Menders

Andrea Goulet

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