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First, laptops:

I am currently rocking a maxed out xps 13, the 2015 model (aka a model before they were "amazing")

Unfortunately, after the 8-month mark or so, it started giving me problems. lots of them, and now the only way I can use the device is by running Linux on it (I am a windows guy). It works, but not ideally ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If I could get a new one right now, I would... wait.
I would love to have a mac (had one as my previous work laptop) but the keyboard issues right now are awful (for example, on my work laptop, the "t" button would always click twice. I clicked backspace by reflex every time I typed "t" after a while)

A lot of development tools require a MacOS machine, and since I work w/ react native sometimes, I would rather have a Mac as my daily driver.
(I find myself developing on my laptop the most personally. It's really convenient)

As for Desktop:

I would go for a custom built Windows Machine.
I don't do much programming on my desktop, but if I do, it's nothing that needs a mac. (on my laptop I sometimes develop apps, so I need the MacOS support to develop for iOS)

Moreover, I prefer to keep my desktop for light gaming. So a decent Windows machine wins over a mac.

Those are my two cents :P


Laptop -> I would prefer a Mac, I do most of my development on my laptop.

Desktop -> Windows, I use it for gaming mostly, and some programming. But nothing that requires a mac.

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