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I started working in PHP just because it was fun to write code and see results imidietly. It was fun, then.
Now, after 10 years of working as PHP programmer, I found out, thanks to coding in PHP:

  • I don't communicate through non-verbal communications
    (wanted to find out what I do bad, I found out that I don't do anything bad - people didn't told me they don't know shit or that they fucked up their job )

  • I have low amount of short term memory, compared to huge long term
    (wanted to find out what is wrong with me, I found exactly what my pros and cons are)

  • PHP has big and useless syntax - form over content - which is bad for people like me, but is also fucking bloted
    (wanted to find out how to overcome my problems, so I understood the problem)

  • $ is fucking bad for people like me (as above)

  • you have: quality, speed and cheap price and can choose 2 of those. PHP has already choosen for you: speed and cheap price. Quality is a unicorn.

  • companies using PHP are sociopathic in nature, full of sociopath and psychopaths who sell shit as fast as they can and will treat you as a fucking slave. most of them are just smoke and mirrors bangladeshee style coding sweatshops.
    (wanted to know in what the fuck environment I am after I meet the same sociopath twice, on the same position, in a similar company as first time I meet him, in a company that ended up as the last one - broke, because that sociopath overbuild apps.)

  • oh, and I learned how to distinguish between a psychopath and a sociopath thanks to PHP

There is no PHP the right way - the right way is to kill that fucking language.
Yes, I found things, but it was fucking painfull.

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