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Discussion on: Announcing the New Relic Hack the Planet Contest!

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LOVE this! We love hackathons and can't want to see what amazing projects participants will create with New Relic to combat climate change!🌎🌱

Hi all! We're the echoAR team. We provide a cloud platform for augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) that provides tools and network infrastructure to help developers quickly build and deploy 3D apps and content.

If you're looking to build an AR/VR app as part of the hackathon, we'd love to happy! echoAR is FREE and intuitive (but we have awesome docs to get you started).

You can reach out to us via our community channel and get inspired by amazing AR/VR projects featured on the inspiration page of our platform (many of the projects were created during hackathons!) .

Best of luck to everyone!✨✨✨

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