A Journal: Building a Writers Outlet for my girlfriend - Introduction

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i have been a dev.to user for three years now, always a reader.
This is my first post.


My girlfriend is a writer by hobby since very young, i have read some of what she has shown me and i really like it maybe im biased but i really do think she is good. So i thought that she should show her talent.

I was looking for a new side project to do, but nothing came to mind until i thought to make a site for my girlfriend to start posting her writings.

The first step since i am not a designer by any means was to look for a free template to start with, so i went looking for a simple html, css template.

I found this site called html5up.net it has some very nice free templates there, so i grabbed one that i liked called Future Imperfect Nice design and cool name (cool band name)

Future Imperfect screenshot

Next thing was to think how would it work, where would the site be hosted, would i need to implement a third party CMS, and lot of other stuff.

So i thought about hosting the site on the same server i have my personal site, but i could only make a subdomain, that wasn't going to work because i wanted to give her, her own domain, so i decided to host it on github pages, created a repo on my account and bought a domain name on Namecheap and linked it to the github pages repo.

I know, github pages? but how to integrate it with a CMS?

There are probably ways to do it but i didn't want to do the research, my idea was to make the "CMS" myself. I made a subdomain on my personal hosting server so i could make an API with node and express that could read and save her writing on a database on the server, this way i could fetch the endpoints from the site on github pages.

I am going to make a series out of this first post, by any means should it be considered a tutorial as this is a side project im having fun with and a present for my girlfriend. I want to read comments to this post and upcoming post's in this series for suggestions to improve this project and to keep learning.

Thank you for reading!


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