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SMS Chatbots To Reach Out Customers Anytime

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Botsify is the fully managed chatbot platform that provides ease by automating your conversation with your customers. Helping many organizations by eliminating expenses, provides 24/7 service, or with multiple features that make your interaction with your prospect or customers, SuperCool.


“Today we are exciting to tell you Botsify launching “SMS chatbot”-that automates your old fashioned text messages into automate and customized text”

Text messaging is the most powerful medium of communication to get in touch with your folks. By sending personalized SMS to your customers, adding a personal touch that helps build lasting brand loyalty. On the other hand, the big challenge you often face when you have to send a bulk of messages is time and relevancy. No worries, Botsify brings something “easy to use”, Let see!

This time, we automate your messaging service with “SMS chatbot” that makes virtual interactions more natural, more engaging, and ultimately, more human. Now you can automate your communication with zero human error.

The key benefit of using SMS chatbot are:
-Sending a bulk of messages instantly.
-Reduce your cost.
-Timely delivered within less time.
-Personalized touch with higher loyalty.
-And ultimately increases organizational productivity.

The essence of SMS chatbot will be more powerful perhaps because it allows you to reach anyone instantaneously without requiring any action on part of the recipient.

How can you start?

Botsify encourages you to get this opportunity and make your communication better to connect your SMS chatbot to Twilio with your Botsify account. It is the most advanced mechanism and fulfills your expectations regarding consumer loyalty.
Follow these quick steps!

Create simply a Twilio Account

Create your Twilio account to connect with botsify, jump on the next step.

Get Your Twilio Phone Number

After creating the twilio account, you can see the dashboard page and now the only requirements are Account SID, Auth Token and Number to connect to the chatbot.
“Don't forget to buy a number of your choice to be used as your number."

Connect Botsify with Twilio Account

Lastly, sign in your botsify account to publish, and again open Twilio Dashboard and copy the Account SID, Auth Token and Number then paste.

Botsify Is Trending On Product Hunt

We have launched the feature on product hunt and getting a good response. Need some <3 from dev community.

What Botsify has more to offer?

-Website chatbot
-Facebook messenger chatbot
-FAQ chatbots
-WhatsApp chatbot
-And the latest SMS chatbot

Inside these products, you can avail:

-Conversational form
-Live Chat support
-Multilingual chatbots
-Video calling support
-Multi-designed templates
And much more!!

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