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I have both completed a boot camp and also interviewed and hired people from boot camps.

My personal take is that they’re very good. Like some other people have mentioned, they will work for some people and not for others. Like any type of learning. The one I went to made us pretty self sufficient, only answering our cries for help once we could demonstrate what we had googled and what it was we didn’t understand which I find a good way to teach.

To all the people saying “they don’t know the basics!”, I say, you will learn the basics on a job, it turns out that for most things you really don’t actually need to know a load of really low level stuff. I’ve been a professional now for 3 years at a reasonable prestigious company and I don’t need to know all of that stuff. Nor do the other ~20 boot camp grads we’ve hired. When we do, well learn it, because that’s how we learn development.

Also, a point that I thinknis often overlooked (although some people here have mentioned it) is the neuro diversity you get in having people that have come from different employment backgrounds starting to code. Businesspeople, lawyers, doctors, salespeople. Coding is such a small part of developers jobs and communication is huge, boot camps provide people who can code a bit but need to improve, people who have demonstrated being able to learn, and mostly have learnt professional communication skills.

That’s the value I see in boot camps.

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