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Let's create a market place where users sell stuff

Hey guys, this post is just like a discussion. I was wondering if we could create a marketplace where users can sell their stuff, not like other websites like old cause they too boaring and used a different approach.
I was thinking of something simple like i have seen many Marketplace eg NFT marketplaces, like something where user can add there stuff (preferably clothes)
I mean we all get rid of some kind of clothes, that we don't want, branded ones so why not create a Marketplace where user can sell and purchase clothes. It maybe wedding clothes, bridal clothes, any type of clothe that we typically wear sometimes or maybe once in a life time.
If you guys have any suggestions or want to join me to create such platform.
Please come and join me or comment below this post.
Eagerly waiting for you guys......

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Marco Chavez

Why not get started? And show an example of what you’ve created so far. Relying on other to contribute is a bad way to try to get supporters. I would highly recommend you build a mock-up or the wireframe and present the idea.

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a4akki Author

yes, its true. I posted it here to know how other people think about it.