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re: I never thought of that, as I primarily use the .json format for it's syntax highlighting, thank you.

You shouldn't exclusively use a format because you like it's highlighting, though. JSON has it's use cases, but it's not perfect everywhere ;-;

I know, but I almost need syntax highlighting, even if there's little to highlight, or if there's little differences, it tells me what to do, I haven't stated it yet, but I have a vision impairment, so syntax highlighting is definitely a big thing, especially with smaller, or even sometimes, normally sized text, this is weakened by my (sometimes, now mostly limited) access to my PC which has a big resolution monitor accompanying it.

Sorry I made that so long.
Also, maybe JSON isn't big everywhere, but even big games use it, and look at all the MC map creating community, commands use a JSON format. So really, JSON just needs more love.

But I digress, sorry for making such a long, (and admittedly) tangent.
Have a wonderful day. Cheers!

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