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Discussion on: What's the state of the software job market?

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Aaron Reese

I have found the opposite in the UK. I am a MSSQL dev living outside if London and my contract was cancelled as the project team was spread across the region. Recruiter calls have completely dried up an no pure SQL roles on the job boards. More mixed roles with DBA, BI.and/or AWS/Azure stack knowledge. Maybe my skills are getting out of date ☹️. I have taken the opportunity to cross train into front end (angular and Vue). I think the market will come back stronger, especially for contacting as organisations recalibrate to be more automated and remotely flexible with cloud based technology and software delivered via the browser with edge security using oAuth rather than network access.

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Rob Kendal {{☕}}

Sorry to hear that Aaron. diversifying certainly won't do you any harm. It fees like a lot of pure database roles are being munged and absorbed into other broader ones, such as dev ops or the fullstack dev.