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To know why this is the right answer we have to dig into how the CSS percentage unit works, the percentage unit is a CSS relative unit so it has to be relative to an absolute value, and this is summary of how it works with different properties:

  • margin, padding, left, right
    • It will be relative to element's parent width (even top and bottom margin/padding will be relative to the parent’s width)
  • top, bottom
    • It will be relative to element's parent height
  • transform
    • It will be relative to the element itself, either its width or its height.

So here we are working with padding top and left properties, and both are relative to the #container's width and be calculated based on its value.


Your explanation is very straightforward and convincing... I will definitely fiddle with this. Thanks so much. @Abdelrahman . :)


You're welcome, I'm glad that you benefited from this. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

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