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Animate anything by just 1 line of JS Stuff! Motionia.js

abhiprojectz profile image Abhi Developer ・1 min read

Presenting Motionia is a lightweight simplified on demand animation library!

The library crossed almost 300+ Stars on github!

In this video we are going to explore our Motionia.js library through which you can animate elements by using just one line of code!

Beautifully documented everything that will be required to work eaily with the library.

Believe me guys this is as easy as just implementing the animation by just its name!

Simple fast , flexible & easy to integrate. No need to write page long CSS Keyframes that consumes a lot of time and no need to waste a lot on their customizations.

Features at a glance:

  • 30+ base animations.
  • Animation property customizations.
  • Easy Scroll builtin animation triggering.
  • Mixing Of animations increases the no. of built-in animations thus, makes it lightweight.
  • JSON structure customization.
  • NO dependencies
  • Tested on all major browsers.

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Where to get the library ?

share the link:

What's next?

In next vedio in will presenting my new alertia.js library to animate js popups beautifully though blazing fast!

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Sattwik Sahu

Hey I remember you from SoloLearn

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Abhi Developer Author

Thanks so much.