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GITRATE modern feedback for your GITHUB REPO!

abhiprojectz profile image abhiprojectz ・2 min read

GITRATE is a modern LIKE/DIS-like feedback mechanism service for github readme repos!

Staring REPO became too old , let welcomes our happy/unhappy feedback system to get a broader view of what users thinks?

This is very simple and easy to integerate across any site/browsers, all you need is just a one line markdown code.

To see the change you can vote it right from here!

GITRATE contains:
- happy button (like)
- unhappy button (dislike)

What's behind creating this?


Actually very few people star your repo, as a open-source developer we all faces it ,
so in order to overcome this, i decided to create this service as its looks new(at least on github readme repo pages) and there is a greator/higher probabilty poeple may notice it.

You can apply it on any static site easily & w*henever a user clicks on one of the buttons* thier records is updated just paste the markdown code.

Grab it here: gitrate on heroku

The generator is super simple!

Give us a feedback please:

How to integrate ?


You can easily setup this at the end or at start of your repo!
Its way simple:

  • 1. Copy your github repo url.
  • 2. visit the gitrate generator here
  • 3. Copy the markdown codes.
  • 4. Paste it wherever you want!

Alternatively, you can generate url via urself just set ref param as (username).(repoName) without paranthies() like: abhiprojectz.gitrate

so our url becomes: [![](](

If you want you can insert using html attribute to <img src=''>.

Note: please free to contriute.

Support us

You can support us by giving it a star, share and contributing.
If you want to join my(i'm a student) team then, DM on twitter inorder to get a slack workspace invitation.

View my more projects

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CSS based animations utility engine -> mojania - (comming witin a week)

Behind gitrate

It is possible because of:

  • Python
  • css
  • html
  • javascript


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