Remove all console messages in just one line!

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Ever wonder how to hide all the console messages in any text renderer in a very short span of time that's too quickly?

Then here is a PRO TIP!

Just use this one line of code!

console.log = function() {};

It will hide the console to open!

This command converts console function into an empty function resulting in "" empty string!

Try by yourself

More advanced way

You can create a function to hide the console at your convenience works even in IE<7

var logger = function()
    var oldConsoleLog = null;
    var pub = {};

    pub.enableLogger =  function enableLogger() 
                            if(oldConsoleLog == null)

                            window['console']['log'] = oldConsoleLog;

    pub.disableLogger = function disableLogger()
                            oldConsoleLog = console.log;
                            window['console']['log'] = function() {};

    return pub;

You can call the function as



 as per your project convenience!

Hope this small tip helps you!

*Happy coding!*

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