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Discussion on: How I got my first dev job and why I left it.

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Abhishek Tripathi

Some have the liberty to put a lot at stake and eventually succeed. However, out of many thousands who try, there is only one Sachin Tendulkar. With a lot of experience behind me and have had my own share of hardship, I would say that you are lucky to have the backing of your family who is supportive of your endeavours at this age. My only suggestion would be to have your basic academics corrected and then focus on a stream in the beginning years. First 3 years are crucial to build your foundation and understand what you desire to achieve in next 5 years. Without those initial years of hardship and commitment, you won't have sufficient knowledge of how you see yourself in the next five years. If you continue to venture into your ideas at this tender age, do understand there are several products already built on those ideas and have greater potential to succeed than your idea. Hope you don't take it as a discouragement but positively to have a better successful future where your ambitions have greater chances to succeed.

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Swastik Yadav Author

I would never take it as discouragement. This is a valid point of view that should be considered.

Yes, the first 3 years will be absolutely difficult, that's why I am not starting to build right away. First I am learning from my mentors. And connecting with amazing people and communities with whom I can get it done.

Thank You for the brotherly advice 😊.