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Discussion on: 10 things I learned from working on personal projects (WebDev)

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Alison Bento

First of all, your writing skills are next level! Reading through your post feels like a pleasant visit to an arcade with friends. Seriously, keep on writing!

Now, to the main subject: I cannot pinpoint exactly where my coding journey began, but I can tell I feel like I haven't barely scratched the surface of this huge, huge subject. I also have chicken memory (wait a minute, what value does the "ac" variable has? WHAT IS IT DOING HERE?! Why is it named goddamn "ac"? What am I reading? Oh damn!) and impostor syndrome is constantly whispering in my ears that I'm not good enough. But no matter how stressful looking at these small characters and this ever blinking cursor feels, coding is fun! That's what keeps my wheel spinning when I get too frustrated.

Also, yeah! There is always something more! \õ/