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I'll take an opportunity to thank for endless productivity and self help posts, self taught stories and "should I attend a bootcamp" thoughts in my feed, endless tutorials on how to use and let vs const vs var articles and etc. Thank you again. But I don't need them. At least not in like 40%+ of the feed. I know, there maybe not so much content to fill that feed, but mb i'll see them when I scroll to bottom? I mean, it may look salty from me, but I am REALLY scrolling more than actually read, and here ARE a lot of posts interrsting for me, but i have to scroll for them a lot avoiding those described above.


Apparently - these posts are still useful to many people. Or maybe it's just what the authors think :)


Results may not yet be entirely visible, but we're putting in a lot of work to address this specific concern.

One thing that helps if you haven't yet done it: Adjust your "experience level" in /settings/ux as one indication to help get a more relevant feed. Plenty more work to go in this regard from our team.

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