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I've done it, and still do a little bit. It's exhausting and you end up working a lot. As you know, it's hard to do productive dev work without blocks of focused time, so expect your evenings to be taken up by those blocks. It's not the kind of work that you can just fit in 20 minutes here, 15 minutes there.

I also had the chance to do half-time at my day job, and half-time freelance, and that was great. I basically got to treat my day job as a freelance client. It was great to have a base of income while I worked on other projects.

Now I'm a co-founder of a company and it is my side project, and my evenings are taken up by that.

So, if you like to work and don't have a family or hobbies, then go for it :) But if you enjoy a work\life balance, it's hard to do.


While I do like my work/life balance I have quite a lot of free time these days and I'd like to make use of that while I can. I'm well aware of the commitment freelancing represents.


Great! I hope my comment didn't come across like I was talking down to you. I have no doubt that you know the work it takes :)

That's my feeling too. I like being busy, and I love building stuff, so why not fill my time with it and make some extra money.

Best of luck!


I hope my comment didn't come across like I was talking down to you.

Absolutely not, don't worry, I wrote my reply quickly before going to bed, that's why it was a bit raw, nothing wrong with what you said 😉

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