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They're no more evil than any other for profit company. Their profit just happens to come from people's personal data, instead of selling cigarettes or Big Macs.

As with tobacco and fast food, in the early days of the industry people weren't educated in the effects it would have on them, and in many cases the company is actively working to hide the negative impacts.

Hopefully data companies will choose the right path and decide to become more transparent with their business model, and work to help users fully understand the risks. Otherwise they will become like the tobacco industry, and always be on the defensive.

PS. Ironically I can't subscribe to join your beta mailing list because I have Do Not Track enabled on my browser, MailChimp's list manager URLs are blocked. Also, the email field is white text on white background. Regardless, I'd love to see the beta when it's ready!


Dude, thanks for the heads up on the form! I'll ping you when the beta is ready.

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