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I did a GA bootcamp as well, the immersive 12 week full stack one. It was excellent. I met great people, learned enough to get started, and now have a full time career in software development.

It's definitely not for everyone though. I went into it with a pretty good understanding of the technology, after spending most of my life tinkering with computers. I saw many people in my class fall behind quickly, while others thrived in the fast paced learning environment.

To those saying that bootcamps are horrible and need to be stopped, and for those who are saying that bootcamps are the future and university is useless, you're both right and wrong. Bootcamps are one more option for people to learn, and it will work for some people and not for others. I, for one, did not do well in traditional schools, but thrived and really enjoyed my GA experience.

If anyone goes into a 12 week course expecting to leave as a fully developed software engineer, you'll be disappointed. It's only the first step of your education in software. I agree that the bootcamp companies should be more transparent about that, because some of their marketing definitely suggests otherwise.


Nice! The problem I have with boot camps is that they don't set the right expectations. This particular boot camp still has a lot of horror stories from friends who've taught there. I'm glad to hear that your experience was positive.


I totally agree. They told me they have a 80% hire rate, and I don't think 80% of my classmates have a job in software now. I doubt 50% do. I had a head start on many of them, and have continued to learn every day since finishing.

I was also privileged that I could afford to take the time off to do this full time, and be out of work for 6 months (3 month bootcamp + 3 months job hunting). Not everyone could do that, so many had to go back to work wherever they could.

Sorry to hear about your experience. On the bright side, we have a great community ready to help. Don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything.

My experience overall was great, and I'm now gainfully (overly, actually) employed. All is good, and I wouldn't have been able to do any of it without communities like DEV :D


Thanks for sharing your experience and congratulations on getting through the 12 weeks. You mention that you were comfortable with the technology before you started, do you think that's the reason some fell behind? Because they didn't have a little experience before strating the course?


I think so. The instructors assumed that everyone had some baseline experience, like how to use the terminal, and a basic understanding of how the internet works. I think many people who didn't have that background info still did okay though, they just had to work harder and study more.

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