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Hey Dev! Throwing an idea out there (maybe it's already been floated, if so, point me in the right direction). Anyone interested in a DEV book club? We'll choose a book, give ourselves a few weeks to get through it, and then come back and discuss in the comments.

I'd suggest DHH's new book to get started:

What do you think?


It's a great idea!

We had a similar program in our company last year where we chose a programming related book and read a few chapters each week and discuss on the points once in a week. It was a great program where we were able to read some amazing books. I acted as a moderator for the books & discussions.

The books that we read were,

  1. Code Complete 2,
  2. The Pragmatic Programmer,
  3. Learning Agile (O'Reilly),
  4. Adaptive Code (Microsoft Press)
  5. Clean Code
  6. Don't make me think

The team seemed to like it in the beginning and unfortunately, over time it became more a chore rather than fun and it didn't continue for a long time. I personally learned a lot from the books & discussions on the books.

It's a bit challenging to scale the idea to the bigger community. However, these are some of my thoughts from my experience on organizing the activity.

Choosing Books:

  1. Let the community choose the books, rather than choosing a book for them. Since is a huge community, We could provide a page where we list down the books. There have been several posts in the past on this topic. Posts tagged with #books. Perhaps We could curate the list of books to bring into a limited number, say 10-20 to start with.
  2. Let the people vote books to pick the top 5 books they want to read. It doesn't need to be limited to 5. But a limited set of books increases the focus of the program.
  3. We could start with top 5 books that have more votes/interests, followed by next books in the coming months. Since it's an open community, We should let the people read any other books and start discussions as well.

Give Enough Time:

  • The time required to finish a chapter depends on the number of pages, the difficulty of the content and of course depends on the reader. Giving enough time to read encourages people and makes the activity as fun to do.
  • After all, the goal is not to finish reading a book but to learn from the book and from quality discussions by the community.

Think About Cost:

  • There's a lot of people who like to read books, but the cost of the book could one of the reasons stopping them. So cost should also be a factor when choosing a book.
  • I would recommend putting a guideline not to share unlicensed versions of PDFs/links, as it's not the right practice. We could add guidelines and possibly moderate comments if needed.

We could use the tag #bookshelf instead of just #books as the main tag to identify the post.

For topics, eg., #cryptography, #Swift

Posts on the individual chapter of the books: Book titles & chapter title perhaps. eg., #DontMakeMeThink, #BillBoardDesign

That reminds me, there is a series of blogs in on the book Don't Make Me Think.


I really like this idea! Maybe just have one long thread that people discuss the book in?


Love this! Maybe we should get a #bookclub tag going?!


Yes! We've floated this but nobody's done anything about it.

I'd love to hear your and others' thoughts on the mechanics of it, meaning how we use tags, what types of posts get created, etc.

I think we have some of our own ideas, but would love to hear other ideas without biasing it.


Totally, a tag might make sense, so people can write their own longer reviews\posts and break off into their own discussions on it. But a different tag for each book would be good, so you can quickly find all the conversations in one place. #bookclub #crazyatwork for example. And there could be multiple book clubs running concurrently that way too.


I really loves learning from books. Yeah, we could have a thread to discuss one book or members could write an article summarizing any chapter(s)


Awesome!!!! I was also planning to send book titles to the juniors weekly or something... :) And I would love the #bookclub hashtag, too! :)

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