Hey Alex - great idea on continually refining your roadmap based on actual user usage. I'm trying to introduce a similar mindset on a large corporate Rails app. I've used Google analytics like Ben in the past with success although I'm not a fan of sharing user data with a company like Google if it can be avoided.

I've not used this before but Ahoy looks like it could work well - github.com/ankane/ahoy.


We're also using Analytics, but I feel the same way about trusting Google. Ahoy looks like a really solid option. Thanks for sharing it!


Hey. Do you recommend building your own Feature Usage Tracking capability for your application. I ask this because no third party tool can understand your application the way you want it to, or atleast that is what I believe in. If so, do you have a direction I can look at?

Thanks a ton.


After asking this question I decided to use Google Analytics, and Lucky Orange to do this. You can tag people based on usage, or setup goals for conversions. It's pretty customizable and will do the job for most situations. Building your own would probably be a pretty big project, so that decision will depend on the depth of your needs, and your budget. If you do build a tool that does this better than GA, you might have a billion dollar idea :)


We use Google Analytics, probably how you imagine it.

I could probably get into alternative approaches/tools, but will open it to the floor first.

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