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Unbugs and how to find them

acoh3n profile image Arik Originally published at creactiviti.com Updated on ・1 min read

If you’ve been a programmer for any length of time, you are undoubtedly familiar with the concept of “software bugs”.

There’s nothing quite like a fresh bug report to thoroughly ruin your relaxed morning entrance to the office.

But if bugs are the villains, then where are the heroes?

Turns out they exists, they were just never named. So I decided to name them “unbugs” for now.

Have you ever used a piece of software and found it absolutely delightful? That’s a time when you found an “unbug”.

Have you ever looked at a piece of code that a friend or a colleague of yours wrote and you thought to yourself “that’s some slick-a## code”? That’s another unbug right there.

“Unbugs” are the unsung heroes of our software industry. Unlike bugs, they don’t complain, scream or make trouble. They are soft-spoken and gentle and so very rarely, if ever do they catch our attention.

But I think it’s time to put a big, flashy glowing light on them and give them the overdue praise they deserve.

So next time you encounter an “unbug”, file an unbug report and send it to the programmer responsible. Might make his day a bit nicer.


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Jash Gala

Can you give a quick simple example of what an "unbug" would look like as opposed to a bug? Does the term refer to a dirty hack to workaround a problem which gets the job done but isn't elegant?

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Arik Author

"Unbug" refers to a pleasant experience from using a piece of software. It's a time that got you thinking "whoa!" when you used another's piece of code. The trouble is, that we all hear about our "bugs" or defects. And that's okay. But programmers often also produce good, quality, working software. But we rarely if ever get to hear about that. It's just "supposed to be like that". So I thought that maybe it would only be fair to let responsible programmers know when they produce good quality software experience ("unbug" for a lack of a better term) just as much as they hear about the "bugs".

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Dr Chastity

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