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When it comes to web programming, Linux (especially Arch Linux + lightweight window manager) is good. I used to use Arch Linux as my daily Desktop environment. It has really great performance, Docker compatibility, and close to production environment.

However, I switched to MacOS recently for I have to develop iOS app, and will never use Linux as my daily development. The biggest reason is that Xcode is necessary to develop iOS apps, but there are other reasons.
As a developer, I should do a lot of kind of things out of programming. Recording rectangle screenshot, editing movie, connecting to printer, and connecting to the internet via WiFi. Every time my Linux cannot connect to WiFi suddenly, I ran journalctl, systemctl restart ... and sudo reboot. This taught me a lot about Linux, but now I think I should focus on solving problems outside my PC.

If one has a lot of knowledge about Linux, such as creating driver, edit kernel, and network, I recommend Linux. Actually I did not have enough understanding about Linux so I switched to MacOS.

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