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Good point Ben! I totally agree with you. I just had a similar situation on New Year's Day with one of my good friends (also dev), when we discussed the word: platform. For him, it was something like Facebook, Twitter and so on. And I totally agree with that, these are very good examples for social media platforms. But for me it was also kind of a business model, which means the software is particularly designed to be a platform. So we ended up with 2 point of views and a long discussion.
It is also the same with the word: servers. It really depends on your point of view. As a hardware guy, you mean the host computers (server-racks, server-farms, physical machines), but as a software guy you interpret servers differently. It is software, which runs on a machine and provide something for you. In context of the web, these might be web-severs, like NGINX, etc.

I think what would be really cool, especially for beginners, to have kind of a dictionary, which contains the common words and their definitions and highlight also some misinterpretations and different point of views. Maybe this is something what the DEV.to community could build over time 😉

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