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I graduated with an AB in English. What do you do with a degree in English? Well, for several years after graduation I worked as an editor or proofreader for a few companies, sometimes freelancing. My first dev job came when a company offered a bootcamp for career shifters. I took that opportunity. I made it through bootcamp not without pain and sleepness nights trying to figure things out, OOP and other stuff. I did fine, I passed every test and evaluation for regularization, but still I quit. Now I know that must have been this thing called impostor syndrome. I just felt so inadequate. I felt that I could never be left alone because I might break something in the codebase. But I stood up where I fell. I took a six-month app dev course, finished, and now found a dev job. I must admit I still feel this syndrome attack sometimes, but my motto now has been "Fake it til you become it." :) It wows technical people, though, when they learn about my academic and work background.

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