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Just a dev who touches a lot of things and wants to share his experiences. (or just want to note somewhere things to don't forget)

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How to create an eBook from Markdown using Ibis?

Really interesting! Hurry to test it

✨ 3D Card Hover Effect With Modern CSS Properties 😍

So much memories

Windows Terminal - How to add Git (or other kinds of terminal)

Me too. Having all my terminal in one place, it's a dream com...

What was your win this week?

I finished multiple courses on Kafka and Vault. (Kafka can b...

Content-aware image resizing in JavaScript

Amazing post. Really loved it.

Wiki.js - The Best OpenSource Wiki

Confluence is a paying service. Maybe you want to avoid extra...

Where do you find Hackathon?

Thanks for the information :)

Do you have Python tips?

Thanks for the information!

Do you have Python tips?

Yes, for sure! Thanks

Why do you love programming?

Quite good questions! For the same reasons : Creativity : L...

A beginner's guide to applying color in UI design

Thanks! Great job

Vue Authentication with Magic

Not actually, I recently started a personal project using Vue...

Switching to Arch Linux

I will let you know if I have questions Thanks for your help ...

Switching to Arch Linux

Really interesting!

Material Design Lite - Curated list with products


How do you know you've written a "good" article?

Honestly, I don't know and I think I don't write good article...

Vue Authentication with Magic

Really interesting! Thanks!

How to use live-server as a small development server

Thanks! Really cool tool! :)

How do you plan your database in development, before migrating to production?

Like Ron, I use a Docker image. It's the easiest way to keep...

How to prepare for the CKAD exam?

I agree so much about Mumshad Mannambeth's courses. It takes ...

Got My CKAD Certificate