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Discussion on: Stop writing silver bullets

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Adam Crockett Author

That's a very honest administration at the end and I feel the same way. As for Vue again I feel the same, is it because Vue under the hood can handle a hell of a lot. I want my stuff to be the 'best' even if 30% of that 'best' is actually used.

Use restraint and lots of it. What's interesting is that overengineering and future proofing which is the same word is proactive, which sounds good in a developer world when being proactive is better than reactive. But counterintuitive as it sounds, it's not good at all in code, very strange.

If I put an analogy on this situation, there is a bunch of roadworks outside my house, I can't park and it's really making life truly, today they put a sign up giving details of the reasons for the work. The work lasts until October 2020 and the reason is future proofing, it this point I swore at the sign and walked off. Nothing has happened, something might happen and they are investigating time to disrupt everyone for no reason.