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This is how I describe the V.A.R front-end frameworks.

adam_kif profile image Adam Kif ・1 min read

If someone asked me how to describe the V.A.R Frameworks.
I will answer:

1- Vue.js is like Kakashi Sensei.. Try to clone everything from React.

2- Angular is like a Jiraiya Sama, it's old-fashioned but has power wise. The only difference between them is that Angular doesn't peep at other frameworks, Jiraiya Sama does it with girls. 🙄 🙄

3- React is like a Sasuke Uchiha, everyone hates it because of Facebook, and at the same time they love it because of its amazing power.
This is how we saw the Sasuke story.

NB: Just for fun & Characters from the Naruto anime.


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E.R. Nurwijayadi

How about Svelte 🤔?