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Discussion on: The Definitive Guide To Protecting Your Eyes For Developers👀

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One trick that isn't often mentioned is to just turn down your display brightness. At first it will seem like everything is less clear, but pretty quickly your eyes habituate and it seems the same. I went from "100" to as low as "30". Less true for laptops though.

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Sarthak Sharma Author

Yeah, I have tried that one too specifically in case of mobile devices.

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Gerbrand van Dieyen

Good trick, had forgot about it, and just checked my display's brightness. It was still at 80%.
Another tip, if you're developer or otherwise entering a lot of text: change your color-schema, instead of the default use a dark color schema: black/dark background and bright letters.

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Nicole H

Yes! Every new laptop or monitor Night shift is on and brightness is down. I don’t know how half my company functions with full brightness.