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Really looking for WSL 2 to be available to everyone, not just those running insider build of windows.

Less performance impact, especially the faster file/io operations. The real linux kernel underneath, giving support to even more programs, including docker. They'll be game changing.

I quite like it already, but it's not that much of a difference, bit with all the WSL 2 features coming I think that'll change for the better. I'm interested but not totally keeping tabs on new information, but I think they haven't announced any concrete release date yet, just that it'll be in the first half of 2020 if I remember correctly.


WSL 1 has been available for everybody since Windows 10 1703. WSL2 is currently under development which is why it hasn't been released outside Insiders builds yet, because Insiders builds are weekly snapshots of the NEXT version of Windows as its being built. WSL2 will be in the Windows 10 release currently planned for spring 2020. Until then, if WSL 2 is important to you and your workflow, we encourage you to try out fast/slow ring Insiders builds and let us know if you find issues.

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