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re: What was your worst job interview? VIEW POST


this man told me that i don't deserve basic minimum wage in my country and that i should be thankful if he even lets me work for free.


That is NOT OK, people near him must feel on edge everyday.

If you're still looking for a job: Here is a thread of resources some people gave me over on Twitter to get "started" finding a job:


i have had hard time applying since then shattered my confidence.


Don't think like that,
Many top talents have been rejected as well.

Interview does not reflect your ability at all, it's simply like a date match.


Don't let other control your self worth. We all started somewhere, we all know something others do not, you know something I do not. Always be learning, always be receptive to constructive criticism. But do not ever let another person dictate your self worth.

If that person was that rude to you, it is better to not get involved with them anyway.

Stay positive, you're worth it.

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