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How to master CSS

adithyanajay profile image Adithya Ajay ・2 min read

CSS is a big story! To master it you have to work your ass off! CSS is an essential part of web development. If you know many frameworks like React, Vue.JS etc.. But if your CSS sucks!(You know right!) So instead of focusing of learning many new frameworks and libs, focus on polishing up your CSS Skills! (But how!!)

Before starting, I am not a CSS master. This month I am starting to master CSS. So, In this post I am sharing my plan (So it would be helpful for other devs out there! Who wants to learn CSS). CSS is not about how much you know, It is how you implement CSS in your code. Many devs out there are copying others code or trial and error method (That's me!) You can to avoid it! Being a CSS master is a must in web development. Everyone wants to use beautiful websites! So first polish up your CSS

At the first CSS seems so easy! Bad gradually it becomes harder and harder! But if you practice daily and learn efficiently, You can master it =)


Go to FrontendMentor and starting solving the challenges! and there are some roles (So you can master)

  1. You cannot use code along tutorials
  2. You can use Google and your favorite websites
  3. You cannot copy or use other's code
  4. That's all

So there are many challenges in FrontendMentor (Just try to solve it your self. Done). You can start with newbie challenges and work up!
Alert! There are many videos on YouTube solving the challenges DON'T WATCH those until you complete the challenge. Try not to search the solution of the challenge until you are done! There many be easy solution than yours but you have to come you with your solution.(This will help you in future!) When you get stuck search on Google and figure out the solution yourself! After completing the project, now you can search for the solution of the challenge you where doing! Now compare your code and there's code!

By practicing you can unlock your next level in CSS which is very essential! Practice, Practice and that's it! Don't look at the solution until you are done!

Don't forget about learning new things about CSS! You can use YouTube and your favorite website for that! Try also to learn more day by day!

Please comment down! Which way is better to master CSS. How did you do that (This will help me and others =>)

Bye =)


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