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Back in the winter of last year, I was part of a startup incubator that had a couple of teams. We were all our own startups and had mentors and investors in the incubator, but we were still very close friends nevertheless.

That winter we had a team-building getaway for two days at a super cool etno-village in a small town in the Bosnian countryside. The events planned for us were cool, I can't deny it, but the actual bonding all went down at the afterparty where everyone got wasted. It's not until then you really get to know someone. People were carried, others were running around half-nude in the winter cold, two of the guys got into a fight and then hugged it out literally 3 seconds later.

Long story short, best team building event ever. Bonds created there will last a lifetime. Even though we all work at different companies now, everyone keeps in touch. That's what I call successful team building.

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