Framework vs Scratch code #CodeNewbies

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"I prefer using framework ", "Frameworks sucks! ",  "I just need something lite with less code and file" e.t.c. Often I've heard code newbies argue about using framework or scratch coding. Well, myself is not an exemption; i argue more often why scratch code makes you a better developer till I found these few secrets.

*Tested and trusted.
*Who cares?
*Code Less.


Time still remains a priority to every project. I still don't see a reason why anyone would want to build anything from scratch; when they can just grap a piece of code that works, and apply it to their project.

Tested and Trusted

Every popular framework out there has gone through a lot of testing before being pushed out for public consumption. It's bug free, and constantly going through some form of upgrade or maintenance.

Who Cares?

Many developers expecially "Freelancers" say these words: "Who cares what i build with, if the project is working then it's Ok"  Wrong,  most client these days really cares what you're actually building with. Nobody wants to hire a developer whose code can't be managed on maintained by someone else.

Code Less

Just like the first point, time still remains a priority. I can't imagine anyone who would want to build an SPA(Single  Page Application) from scratch. Framework can do a lot of cool stuffs for you... but don't forget, you have to understand the raw code to an extent before venturing into using any framework.


I'm not trying to paint "Scratch Code" bad, but in production and delivery perspective scratch code is not really the best option for me. Let me know your own opinion below.


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