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AiA 255: The Elephant in the JS Community



  • Jennifer Wadella

  • Brian Love

  • Aaron Frost

  • Alyssa Nicoll


Addressing the recent twitter fire surrounding the JavaScript community, the panel shares their opinions on social awareness. They begin by discussing a time they inadvertently offended others and what they learned. They consider the best way to respond if you do offend someone; the correct way to apologize and learn from your mistake. The importance of taking responsibility and sharing a desire to learn is discussed. 


The panel considers how the community can be proactive in creating a safe space while being inclusive of everyone. They discuss resources for learning about sexism, racism and not feeling guilty as a victim.



Aaron Frost:

  • Family Time

Brain Love:

Alyssa Nicoll:

  • Family time

Jennnifer Wadella:

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Kyle Harrison

I think I missed something. I even rewound the episode to try and find out what we were talking about.

Which event sparked this conversation? The one discussed in "why is js mad"?