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Share your music in Slack!

Aeden Murray
Building cool stuff. Hacking the planet. Saving the turtles.
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Hello DEV! Today I'm here to show off a fun project that allows you to share whatever music you're currently listening to as a status in Slack.

* Supports both Apple Music & Spotify

This will set your status emoji to a 🎵 (:musical_note:) and your status text to {Track_Name} by {Artist}.


Your musical status will automatically be set as long as:

  1. You have Slack open
  2. You are playing a song on Apple Music or Spotify
  3. Your Slack status is empty OR your status emoji is the 🎵 (:musical_note:)


$ brew tap aedenmurray/tap
$ brew install listeningto
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To use the Slack API you will need a legacy token. Legacy tokens were deprecated in March of 2020. However, you can still retrieve a legacy token through some quick reverse engineering:

  1. Go to (You must be logged in)
  2. Right-click anywhere and open up the developer console.
  3. In the JavaScript console run this code snippet:
window.prompt("API Token: ", TS.boot_data.api_token)
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  1. Once you have your API token, create a new file in your home directory:
$ nano ~/.slack_token
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  1. Paste your Slack API Token in the file. Save (^+O return) and exit (^+X)


Your Slack status should update about every 10 seconds.
The Homebrew Formula is defined here.

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tiger_ali_9b345a7225c8465 profile image
Tiger Ali

Hi! Does this still work? Install went smoothly, but not getting updates in slack (latest slack/big sur).