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FYP-DevLog 002

afrie profile image Afrie Irham Originally published at Updated on ・1 min read

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Progress for today, there is not as much commits as yesterday but that is because I was doing some housekeeping work with my API documentation on POSTMAN.

I realized there was some endpoint that I did not document before due to time constraint back then (deadline for viva and such). So today I was doing just that. Most of them were DELETE endpoints.

I also focused more on creating simple endpoints that I have not created already. Yesterday I managed to create a PUT request endpoint for calendars and today I decided to do more PUT endpoint for the other resources.

But as I was approaching the 1 hour mark, I realize it is not as simple as I thought, there is a lot of use cases that I didn't consider. So that is a problem for tomorrow.

But here are the list endpoint as of now.

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