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I'll point out some outdated information. None of the tasks mentioned except Cortana, face ID sign-in and daily rotating wallpapers, would require you to use the terminal on a Linux machine.

In my 8 years of Linux usage, I hardly ever had to use terminal to install non-developer software, configure my system in a standard way (unless I really want to fiddle with CPU scheduling or xorg configurations or udev rules) or doing developer tasks.

Until build 2004 windows 10 didn't support ANSI colors or tabbed terminals properly. Windows terminal is still far far behind all what I can do using tilix or iterm. Talking about sleek terminal is an exaggeration. And until powershell has decent auto completion of auto-suggestions, it still can't compare to a zsh running on whatever VTE you have


What distro do you use?
24-bit colors and tabbed window terminals have existed in Windows Terminal release since its first version, it has nothing to do with the version of Windows.
PowerShell has command completions from the beginning, you just need to configure your keybindings for it. If you don't know how, check out the wiki of PSReadline module on GitHub, it's installed by default.


Didn't know the PSReadline module came nowadays by default. That's an improvement

I use Fedora. ElementaryOS on a different machine.

Sure, happy to help. PSReadline module has been a part of PowerShell since v3.0, which was released in 2012.
What DE do you use in Fedora?

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